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Current Students

The revised Materials Science and Engineering Program student handbook may be downloaded here. It is currently in revision 20.1, released July 21, 2020. The most recently revised degree requirements may be found in the handbook, including the most recent course listing.

We strongly suggest that each student work with his or her faculty advisors to complete a program of study within the first year and submit it to the WSU Graduate School for approval. This formally creates a dissertation committee for the student that should be consulted informally on an annual basis by the student. The dissertation committee members are responsible for helping mentor Ph.D. students, preparing them to successfully complete their dissertations and launch careers upon graduation.

Our university has a handbook outlining the rights and responsibilities of WSU community members. We suggest that students look through the handbook. We would like to highlight the importance of academic integrity, which is essential for the scientific community to function. The Materials Science and Engineering Program’s administration will not tolerate academic dishonesty, including in-class cheating, plagiarism, and data fabrication. Fortunately, the vast majority of our students also value intellectual honesty, and this is generally not a problem.