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Degree Requirements for the Materials Science and Engineering Program

MSEP Doctoral Program Guidelines

1. Requires a total of 72 semester hours of credit, including a minimum of 21hours of course work beyond the baccalaureate degree:

3 Credits of Mandatory Coursework (MATS 505): Advanced Materials Science
6 Credits of MSEP Seminars (6 Semesters)
12 Credits of Core coursework from 4 of the following 9 categories:

  • Advanced Chemistry
  • Macro-Mechanics
  • Materials Characterization
  • Micro-Mechanics<
  • Multi-Components Systems and Interfaces
  • Solid State Physics
  • Transport/Kinetics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Quantum Mechanics/Quantum Theory

2. An oral Preliminary Examination which will require defending and a written 15 page research proposal, based on the knowledge in the student’s proposed research area. The proposal will need to be in a NSF Format.

3. An approved research dissertation

4. A Final Examination based on the dissertation.

Dissertations may focus on:

  • Defects in Materials
  • Deformation and Fracture
  • Surface and Interfacial Phenomena
  • Phase Changes
  • Low Dimensional Systems
  • Structure and Spectra of Condensed Matter
  • Other areas related to the research interests of faculty members