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  • Bachelor of Arts, Physics, Rutgers College
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Physics, Rutgers University

Research Interests

Application of hyperfine interaction methods to study the local structure and properties of solids, in particular applying the radioactive probe method, perturbed angular correlation of gamma rays (PAC):

  • Point defects and defect interactions
  • Lattice location of dilute solutes in compounds
  • Diffusion studied by measuring jump frequencies of radioactive probe atoms

Collins’s group pioneered work in the latter two areas at WSU, and is presently the only active group in the US using PAC to study solids. More information and publication downloads can be obtained from  Funding at WSU includes eight single-investigator multi-year research grants from the National Science Foundation (Metals Program).

Related Courses

Solid-State Physics; Thermal and Statistical Physics; seminars in solid-state spectroscopies and in defects in solids.

Selected Publications

Research Interests