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Nanoscience and Engineering, Materials Physics


Ph.D Columbia University

Recent Publications

John Igo, Matthew Gabel, Zhi-Gang Yu, Liangliang Yang, and Yi Gu, “Photodefined In-Plane Heterostructures in Two-Dimensional In2Se3 Nanolayers for ultrathin Photodiodes,” ACS Applied Nano Materials 2, 6774 (2019)

John Igo, Shengwen Zhou, Zhi-Gang Yu, Oliver Peter Amnuayphol, Feng Zhao, and Yi Gu, “Anharmonic Phonon Coupling in Semiconducting and Metal-Like Van der Waals In2Se3,” Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122, 22849 (2018).

Liangliang Yang, John Igo, Matthew Gabel, and Yi Gu, “In-Plane Homojunctions and Their Dominant Effects on Charge Transport in Vertical Van der Waals Heterostructures,” Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122, 20513 (2018).

Qiaoming Wang, Liangliang Yang, Shengwen Zhou, Xianjun Ye, Zhe Wang, Wenguang Zhu, Matthew D. McCluskey, and Yi Gu, “Phase-Defined van der Waals Schottky Junctions with Significantly Enhanced Thermoelectric Properties,” Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8, 2887 (2017).

Wenjun Ding, Jianbao Zhu, Zhe Wang, Yanfei Gao, Di Xiao, Yi Gu, Zhenyu Zhang, and Wenguang Zhu, “Predictive design of intrinsic two-dimensional ferroelectrics in In2Se3 and other III2-VI3 van der Waals materials,” Nature Communications 8, 14956 (2017).

Elham Mafi, Xin Tao, Wenguang Zhu, Yanfei Gao, Chongmin Wang, and Yi Gu, “Generation and the Role of Dislocations in Single-Crystalline Phase-Change In2Se3 Nanowires Under Electrical Pulses,” Nanotechnology 27, 335704 (2016).

Qiaoming Wang, Xin Tao, Liangliang Yang, and Yi Gu, “Current-crowding in two-dimensional black phosphorus field-effect transistors,” Applied Physics Letters 108, 103109 (2016).

Shengwen Zhou, Xin Tao, and Yi Gu, “Thickness-Dependent Thermal Conductivity of Suspended Two-Dimensional Single-Crystal In2Se3 Layers Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition,” Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120, 4753 (2016).

Liangliang Yang, Qiaoming Wang, Xin Tao, Shelby P. Taylor, and Yi Gu, “Gate-tunable photocurrent in ZnO nanowires mediated by nanowire/substrate interface states,” Applied Physics Letters 106, 093111 (2015).