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Student Support, Fellowships, and Internships

Students enrolled in the program are routinely supported financially, including tuition, salary, and health insurance. It is common practice for the program administration to support incoming students during their first year through teaching and research assistantships. In subsequent years, the students are supported through their faculty advisors’ research programs. Our students routinely work as teaching assistants in Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, as well as other academic programs across the University.

It also is common for our students to receive fellowships or scholarships to support their work. A wide variety of federal institutions support our students including the DOE, DOD, NASA, NSF, and many others. One particular fellowship unique to our students is the PNNL-WSU Distinguished Graduate Research Program (DGRP). The DGRP is a collaboration between WSU and the Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL), which is located approximately 150 miles west of WSU Pullman. The DGRP provides funding for the student to study at WSU for two years, and the subsequent two years the student relocates to PNNL where they perform research at the national laboratory.

It is not uncommon for our graduate students to take internships or study abroad during their time at WSU. In recent years, we have had students work at Apple, Microsoft, PNNL, INL, and the University of Sheffield. These internships both help finance students’ research as well as afford them opportunities to apply their knowledge to practical problems.