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Washington Alliance for Research Internship in Advanced Characterization

The Washington Alliance for Research Internship in Advanced Characterization (WARIAC), is a special agreement between WSU’€™s Materials Science and Engineering Program (MSEP) and the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL) at PNNL, which offers our students access to state-of-the-art materials characterization facilities at EMSL. Participating MSEP students may spend 1-2 semesters at EMSL and conduct part of their PhD research under the guidance of a PNNL mentor. Students are trained on the use of one or two pieces of characterization equipment, which they may use for their own PhD research, as well as assist and collaborate with EMSL users from other universities. Typically, the EMSL mentor is serves on the student’s PhD committee.

Students are encouraged to start a conversation with their dissertation supervisor about applying for the WARIAC program early in their research program. Typically, students would avail themselves of this program following completion of their preliminary examination, although it is also possible to do so prior to the preliminaries.

Further information on the WARIAC program is available at the MSEP Faculty Sharepoint site. Points of contact for the WARIAC program are:

  • Dr. Indranath Dutta, Director, Materials Science and Engineering Program, Washington State University. E-mail:
  • Dr. Theva Thevuthasan, Chief Scientist and Surface Analysis Capability Lead, Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, Pacific Northewest National Laboratory. E-mail:


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